We are Yellow Brick Road – Te Wahapūahoaho. 

Networking and collaborating with local Iwi providers is an important part of our work at Yellow Brick Road and we tailor our support services for different cultural needs. 

With that in mind, we are delighted to announce our Māori name. This name has been gifted to us by Wairarapa’s Mike Kawana of Rangitane Iwi.

Mike thought about the concept of Yellow Brick Road as a pathway leading to courage, to emotional and mental stability, and as a supportive approach to wellness.

This is represented by the four characters in the Wizard of Oz, who travelled along the road together and received the qualities that made them complete.

Considering how this would align with the Whare Tapa Whā concept, Mike came up with the name Te Wahapūahoaho.

In making his decision, Mike thought about:

1. The Yellow Brick Road pathway concept and how it could align from a cultural perspective.

If it is about a pathway to our whare, then the proper way of approaching and entering is through the Waharoa – and so the first part of our name is Waha.


2. The goal we want to achieve. 

The Whare Tapa Whā looks at health holistically and encourages us to support and develop all four dimensions to enhance our wellbeing. Puahoaho means to be bright, to be clear, to have clarity and understanding of ourselves.


3. The Whare Tapa Whā model itself and its creator.

Wahapū is an acknowledgement of Ahorangi Mason Durie and his wisdom, his mana and eloquence as a leading exponent and advocate of health and education.