Emotion Dysregulation – An education and peer support group for families and whānau

Day & Time: 1 x 5 weekday evenings 6pm-8.15 and 1x 2 Saturdays. Dates to be confirmed.

Frequency: Twice a year

Location: Richmond, Nelson

Information about the group: This group is for family / whanau 16 and over who have a family member with emotion dysregulation. 

This group is structured with two aims:

  1. Education – to help understand emotion dysregulation and the impact it has on families and individual family members; then to give ideas to help regulate emotion and nurture family relationships.  
  2. Peer Support – to facilitate conversations where experiences are shared.  Participants learn from each other with understanding, connection, and laughter.

How to join: Please contact Deanne 027 820 1887 or Jeannette 027 528 7790 or email Deanne.kilpatrick@sfnz.org.nz or Jeannette.bent@sfnz.org.nz for further information or to be put onto the waiting list for the next group.


Posted on

September 16, 2020